HackerTon's Imprint

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-The HackerTon Mark was created by a minority tribe called HackerTon, a small tribe in the old AU unknown

-That race has about 300 people and all are bone monsters. This race is quite weak in terms of strength but they have special abilities in magic and intelligence. After the AlphaTale event (AlphaTale was destroyed) and Error404 hack Anti-Void, the HackerTons somehow copied Error404's facial pattern as a model, then they used the magic of the NIGHT stone as well as the cable of Error!Sans to cover all the HackerTon clans and pass it on from generation to generation. The way to turn on this power is simply extreme anger


-When the mark is activated, the subject will gain 150 times its original net strength. When activated it will increase the power stats 150 times, but the user can use it to buff others, for example Erase Sans (Mares HackerTon) puts the power of the mark (150 times) into Erase. Blasters to shoot (but only 1 out of 20 at that time).

-Since Error!Sans cables are included, all these markings can produce cables but are black in function with the same function as Error!Sans cables.

- Shadow transformation: when using this power, the user's body will immediately be black, white eye sockets, white mouth, purple pupils with purple body border. It will increase all power stats to the Error666 approximation of Error404 (Note: with the skeleton under the god, it will be as strong as Error666, and if it is stronger than Error404 in normal form, it will increase 350 times the original net strength when transformed)

*The strongest HackerTon of all is Glitch Fatal (D HackerTon)


-Glitch Fatal (Erase Sans and Banary Code Sans father) is the only one who can use both HackerTon marks at the same time

*In addition, Erase Sans, Banary Code Sans and Venus Sans (Erase's sister) can also use the mark.

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