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About the Battle Info

Although the power can be increased, including the power indicators, but Osirus wants to default to the above parameters and can remove the above parameter if desired.

All of the above parameters become infinite if Osirus likes it without training because he is the holder of the Soul of Power.


Glitch Fatal's default outfit that appears in front of everyone is an outfit consisting of a white coat, two blue (left) and red (right) cuffs on the sleeves, a shirt with white fluff with blue (left) and green (right) stripes. The inside shirt is white, with a black collar, with a yellow circle pattern in the middle of the collar, black pants, and black shoes. Sometimes Glitch Fatal appears with the same appearance as above but with a longer coat. When at home, he only wears a white blazer, gray sweatpants and pink sandals. When he was in the lab, he wore all white


Glitch Fatal is a calm person most of the time. As a father, he is strict with his children but quite warm around his family. For the enemy, Osirus has no mercy, cold blood and cruelty are what he gives to the enemy. Glitch Fatal is very interested in studying technology and magic, he is always trying to create advanced weapons or extremely powerful magic. He is a very good skill creator and constantly improves it

About Soul of Power:

As one of the strongest Souls in the entire EraseVerse, the power is only inferior to Soul of Death and Soul of Life, but the strength can be compared with other Souls. The power of Soul of Power is no different from a power synthesis store. Soul of Power owners have full access to any skill/power they know, even stronger than the enemy's power/skill. The possessor also has the ability to surpass himself continuously, generally with absolute strength. Only the one above the possessor can overcome this power



An extremely powerful Blaster created by himself, it fires a beam that completely destroys any beam that passes through. When hit, you will be erased from reality forever.


Fires a beam from the third eye, has great destructive power, destroying all realities and existence except himself and those protected by his defenses.

Absolute Presence

Osirus when appearing can also immediately distort the surrounding space, disturb the time if he wants. His speed when moving beyond concept, while causing realities, multiverses, MegaVerse to disappear, damaging HyperVerse -Fatal Ray: improved from Erase Sans/Mares HackerTon's Erase Ray, in addition to having all the properties of Erase Ray, it will be able to split thousands of identical beams from the original one.

Unlimited Endurance

Possessing the Soul of Power, he will not be able to feel tired but always in the most energetic state. He also has unlimited physical strength and can carry anything he wants

God Slayer

Shoots from the finger unpredictable beams of its movement, its damage is great, its heat exceeds the heat of the hottest volcano, this god-killing ray causes Damages even Souls that are about to undergo final transformation. Can Destroy all Immortals, ignoring that notion of immortality

God Slaying Thunder

Zeus's ability to use magic comes from thunder, powerful lightning bolts continuously launch from Osirus's body, it can also be launched from hands or feet to increase damage and speed, Godslayer Thunder's main function is to attack enemies, the heat flow of God Slayer is unbelievably hot, vaporizing anything it comes in contact with. Its power when hit directly on the ground can split a planet in half. It can also destroy all codes, even if it's MegaVerse code or other code

Chains of Thorns

Glitch Fatal's body creates infinite rows of chains that look light but are actually extremely heavy; Although it is heavy, it is extremely flexible, these chains act as support, the chains have a pointed end, a spiked body and a sharp blade.

HackerTon Imprint

Is the only person in the clan that possesses both marks, he looks quite similar to Error404 in those black stripes, helping Glitch Fatal always stay in a state 300 times stronger than the original strength. He can also use black cables, but he can use the powers of Vanus/Banary Code and Mares/Erase to turn the cables blue or red depending on which arm he is using. Blue can drain the enemy's power, red sucks all of the enemy's code, even though it's hidden

Apollo's Fire

Apollo's flame has an unlimited temperature, Osirus has full control over the temperature of the flame allowing him to attack effectively.


Osirus's third eyes function as a machine that copies skills and powers, even as a god. Unlike the 4th Omni's copy ability that requires the clone character to have a code, the Adam Theology that Osirus uses can take the same skill and effectively counterattack. This 3rd eye also will not be punctured or damaged, but only stops working when the subject (Osirus) dies.

Flame Thunder God

A skill developed by Osirus, it is simply a lightning dragon surrounded by hellfire, which can destroy a large range, and he can summon indefinitely

Infinite Dimension

This skill cannot be manipulated or copied by entities that are normal gods. This possibility allowed Osirus to create infinite amount of dimensions, inside this dimension that was and endless void, everything that is locked in the Inf dimension will be weakened and won't be able to fight back Osirus because here, you're just an ant standing in front of a god. In this, the Inf dimension prevents all the concept temporary and removes the concept (can only be deleted in this space, when Orisus deactivate the skill the concept will reexists). If we want Osirus to be able to erase enemy from everything by mere thought


Erase has already reached Elightenment, turn him into the axiom of the world. Meaning that he can freely manipulate the logic, concept, causality system, space time of the worlds and anything higher if his enlightenment domination expand