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In the judgment hall, Mares stood watching the rays of sunlight shining through the window of the room, the birds singing and the yellow flowers blooming, Mares enjoying his little moment of peace because he was about to have A bad time with a friend he trusts wholeheartedly.

The peaceful room was suddenly disturbed by a sound, it was the footsteps of a cold-blooded killer to the bone. Mares looked in the direction of the sound, he sighed, and the footsteps became clearer.

"So you came, my good friend, after you killed all my friends and brothers. Why, my friend? Maybe you're feeling guilty about yourself? No It's ridiculous, how can a rotten person like you feel guilty" (Mares)

"Shut up Bonehead!" (Frisk/Chara)

"Huh !?" (Mares)

"The only piece of trash here is you, who would see their friends killed without saving them, that's cowardly!" (Frisk/Chara)

"Nah no haha, why would you kill them and then blame me for not saving your friends, the end of this game is up to you, Player. If you had a little brain this story would've been there. could be better and my role, as a judge, not a hero. Why should I waste my time talking to trash? YOU DESERVE TO DIE IN 18 LEVELS OF HELL!!!! (Mares)

As soon as he finished talking, the room became empty, a series of blue lights flashed, that is, countless Blasters appeared and surrounded Frisk's position, at which point Frisk gave Chara control of his body.

A series of Blasters shot towards the standing Chara, the shots were decisive and intense, breaking through the smoke, Chara rushed out and slashed 1 Blaster. He (Chara) wields a knife and slashes out a series of slashes, Mares blocks it with a bone wall, he flies into the air standing on a Blaster then summons many sharp bones impregnated with Karma.

"RAIN OF BONES!!!" (Mares)

The bones rushed towards Chara, and at the same time the Blasters from earlier attacked in unison.

Chara creates 2 knives that block both sides of Mares' fierce attack. With a shrill scream, Chara slashed out two huge energy blades that wiped out all of Mares' bones and blasters.

He was surprised that Chara blocked his attack but quickly calmed down, the opponent rushed to slash continuously from beginning to end of the corridor, Mares dodged everything, he teleported to the side, using magical power that controls Chara's soul and slashes him towards the SAVE point.

Fast as the wind, strange Chara rushes towards him, Mares summons bone shoots from the floor, piercing his body (Chara). However that was still nothing, he quickly recovered the health that was eaten away by Karma and continued to run to Mares. Feeling annoyed, he just launched the bone and shot the Blaster in quick succession, even though he was damaged, he was still not very good, the blood was still quite high, Chara jumped into the air and stabbed the knife straight into the ground creating a shock wave. spread cracked floors and walls, broken glass windows.

Mares realized that if he continued like this sooner or later, he would be killed. So Mares used all his power to release a large blue aura, his pupils burned in his eye sockets, as fast as cutting, a sharp bone pierced Chara's left eye and ate it. blaster beam.

But he still lives even with only 1 HP.

Mares rushed towards Chara to finish him off but was it late, he recovered all of his lost health and his body emitted a red aura.

Mares punches him in the face but he spins like a pinwheel in the air and is kicked into the column of the judgment room. Mares immediately stood up, both of them gathering their inner strength and rushing towards each other, a huge explosion destroyed the whole room. The smoke passed. 2 men standing in 2 directions facing each other.

Chara immediately vomited blood, his body was pierced in many places, blood splattered all over the floor and quickly collapsed on the spot.

"Is he dead?" (Mares)

Mares wondered.

But no, a golden light flashed from the other end of the corridor.

"He's back." (Mares)

Chara was now in a frenzy, in the blink of an eye, he rushed towards Mares, not surprised, he unleashed a set of bones and Blaster, firing fiercely at Chara to hold him back. ta.

Even though he was hit by many blows, it didn't seem to matter to him, day by day his body was emitting a red aura more and more clearly, his speed was also faster than before.

Easily dodges all of Mares's stormy attacks.

Not succumbing to that tremendous speed, Mares grabbed the enemy's soul and threw him to the end of the corridor, just then he summoned Blasters to shoot continuously in that direction, the explosion resounded throughout the room, the ground. stone, falling debris, in the smoke, a red eye flashed, 1000 slashes of red energy released from the smoke, Mares instantly created a wall of bones that resisted thousands of slashes Chara's, only blocked a few slashes but the bone wall was showing signs of crumbling, feeling unwell, Mares teleported in the direction Chara was standing, poured energy into his fist and smashed Chara's head, brain splashed in all directions.

Before resting, the golden light flashed again. Mares is enraged, uses Blaster to shoot furiously and Save points even though it has no effect.

“He came back again” (Mares)

Mares grumbled but then smiled again.

“We will play, together…forever” (Mares)

He pulled out a sword from within his jacket, transmuted energy and the sword, the sword was instantly covered in blue flames.

On the other side, Chara throws away the real knife, he uses the Determination of the soul to create a sword made of determination.

The two rushed at each other, Mares slashed this, Chara parried that shot, both of them hit with equal skill, the energy from the slashes was also gradually collapsing the room.

However, Mares was also starting to get tired, he had been fighting here all this time and pupils like Chara kept dying, respawning without spending any energy when respawning. Mares unleashed a slash, cutting Chara's body in half.

And then there was a golden light at the end of the corridor, Mares was already tired, he didn't want to fight in vain with someone like that. But he still stood up, used all his strength, released the last slash, one slash divided into countless different slashes, the number increased to more than 2000, completely destroying the judgment hall.

After that, he sat leaning against a nearby pillar, stuck his sword in the ground and sat looking there, he came out of the smoke without a scratch, Mares looked helpless, he screamed , then cut to death, turned to dust and disappeared...