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Eiry created by Yumi The Lazy Analyst.

Undertale by Toby Fox

(Warning: Do not copyright even a little, do not use the ideas of our skills for your own or forms, we are seriously about this)


Eiry come from Racetale, Race Elementus, she is daughter of a wizard family. Her parent is a legend wizard, when she born she has very big power even higher than her parent, because of has big power, a group of superstitions kidnap her when she is 9 and use her as sacrifices to summon someone they called a god. Her parent come and save her, after that they died and Eiry become orphan, but before her parent die, they still leave a gift for Eiry a Yoyo and a ball that keep a lot of thing about her power, martial arts that her parent spent a lot of year for her. She absorb the ball, pick up the Yoyo, wear the glasses of her father and start the journey by herself.



She is a small girl with yellow ponytail and a yellow glasses she picked form her father, her shirt is black tight sweater, she wear wrap her mother's pants around her hips and she wear a short cream pants.

Her right eye is blue while left eye is red (It has one of her parent power inside).


She is dynamic, friendly and very clever. She is very good at reading emotion of someone.

Also she is very scare if you make something bad to her.


Fire Magic

With her big power since born and many training, she can control fire, his fire can reach 22 trillion degrees Celsius

Absorb Fire

She can absorb fire, no matter how hot is it, transmission to mana.

Fire Detection

Detect and locate heat or fire sources within a 10km radius, including the number/size of elements sheare sensing and even know if it is hidden or not.

Disable Fire

She nullifies fire and any fire-related attacks, and disables its properties on users and creatures, objects, and locations

Manipulating objects with fire

She can control anything that are in fire.

Flame Flight

She can use can create fire from her legs to produce kinetic energy to fly.

Manipulation of explosive force

She can control explosive, can increase the power of explosive or decrease it.

Fire Aura

She can create a strong aura with fire can heat anything near her with over 22000 degrees Celsius. (Only when Eiry use full her power) after use this, Eiry will be temporary blind.

Turn into fire

She can turn into fire, or blend into fire