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*Event 1: The NOBODY book:

-A long time ago there was 1 AU that existed as ZeroTale. It almost ran parallel to Undertale with only one difference, the main character is Sola, the ninth human to fall underground. In the ground, they have run the genocide lines continuously 3,680,520,000 times. Chara, Frisk, Sans and Gaster are powerless to stop them from slaughtering. The last genocide, while fighting, suddenly the space lag heavily and then bug all four people out of the AU and sent them to the Anti-Void, only Sola was in AU, in a panic, everything At this AU erased from reality, only 4 people from ZeroTale escaped to remember. What wiped out this AU was a book, but not an ordinary book, but a magic book, just by entering the AU and removing it from reality would be a terrible thing for a book. It was later retrieved by ZeroTale! Sans and kept it. The book is called "NOBODY"


-Intelligent, cheerful, sociable, very fond of making friends and flirting with them. He used to run mysteriously on Undertale Multiverse so he created Experiment 1 (OmniVerse Sans) to cover things up. 4th Omni is also a Master in Magic and Science, especially Quantum Science. He is very informative and knows most of Undertale Multiverse. He loves playing games in his spare time or defending 4th Wall, sometimes in the lab

Has ZeroTale really disappeared or been reborn?:

-Past: As the old AU where he was born, this AU was at peace until Sola went genocide and was removed from reality in the Undertale Multuverse by the book NOBODY. The defining feature is that the inhabitants there always have a circle and an X on the chest, it exists great power.

-Present: Before being teleported to the Anti-Void, Sans accidentally picked up the broken brick in the judgment hall, it was the remaining code in the AU, knowing this, so at the beginning of season 6, an AU was born. is "The Happy"


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The most powerful weapon among the 12 "Heaven Sword", its slash depends on the strength of the user, the stronger the owner, the more formidable it is and vice versa. 4th Shadow died with only 3 slashes from this blade is enough to understand how powerful it was